SEO For Physicians

SEO for physicians is the process of manipulating websites and their content in order to create a situation where they rank higher on search engines for specific phrases that are searched. This means that if you are performing search engine optimization for a physician website you are creating content that specifically answers questions that would be asked by potential patients. Through the process of answering questions and providing relevant information on a topic, the search engines grow to understand your website as the authority on a subject that is being discussed. If that subject is the phrase that is being targeted, then your website will rise in the rankings. Search engine rankings are no longer driven by keywords and how many times they are used. Instead, rankings are now decided by Google understanding that this particular page of a website is the most relevant and important answer to questions on a certain topic. Overall authority on a subject is created by building many pages that answer questions about variations on a topic, and linking them together. The page that answers the question the best is the one that ranks, and everything that links to it supports that authority.

Rankings and SEO are the best way to drive traffic to your website. You must be found when people search for your main product or service that is being presented on your website in order for people to choose you. Being found online involves search engines which rank websites based on the authority they have on that topic.  The process of becoming recognized as an authority involves creating page after page on your website dealing with the topic, answering questions and providing valuable information. The same kind of content is created offsite and posted on other websites then linked back to the target pages. This is how higher rankings are created.

SEO is a process that takes time. You will need to create a significant amount of content on topics and also understand how to appropriately interlink it. Without these things in place, you are simply wasting your time.

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